Is Dwayne Johnson being sued in a $3 billion kidnapping lawsuit?


It’s essential to distinguish between factual reporting and misinformation or baseless claims when it comes to legal matters. While there are reports and allegations surrounding a lawsuit involving Trenesha Biggers, formerly known as Rhaka Khan, and various individuals, including Dwayne Johnson, it’s crucial to understand the specifics and outcomes of such legal actions.

The lawsuit filed by Trenesha Biggers against multiple defendants, including Dwayne Johnson, involves serious allegations of conspiracy and kidnapping. However, it’s important to note that the case was dismissed by United States District Court Judge, Laura Taylor Swain, in June 2023. The court’s order cited reasons for dismissal, including the complaint being frivolous, malicious, or failing to state a claim on which relief may be granted. The dismissal indicates that the lawsuit did not meet the legal criteria required to proceed further in court.

The lawsuit named hundreds of defendants, including notable individuals, entities, corporations, and even the United States of America itself. The dismissal by the court highlights the lack of legal merit in the claims made within the lawsuit.


It’s important to rely on verified and validated sources and to consider official legal proceedings and outcomes when assessing the credibility and validity of such lawsuits and their associated claims.