John Krasinski opens up and reveals he is terrified of his kids reaction after watching his upcoming film IF


John Krasinski, celebrated not only for his acting prowess but also for his directorial acumen, stands as a unique talent in the realm of cinema. Renowned particularly for his contributions to the A Quiet Place saga, he now presents his latest cinematic marvel, “IF,” also known as “Imaginary Friends,” poised for release this week. This much-anticipated project boasts an impressive ensemble cast, including the charismatic Ryan Reynolds. However, despite the excitement surrounding its debut, Krasinski harbors a palpable apprehension, one stemming not from critics or box office numbers, but rather from the genuine concern of a parent.

In a candid conversation with Jimmy Fallon, Krasinski divulged his anxieties about the impending viewing of “IF” by his daughters, Hazel and Violet, whom he shares with his wife, Emily Blunt. These two young critics, though undoubtedly cherished, represent an audience whose opinions hold immeasurable weight for the actor-filmmaker. “They see the movie tomorrow. They’ve never seen the movie. I have never been more scared for anyone to watch anything,” admitted Krasinski, reflecting the universal parental fear of disappointing one’s children.

The genesis of “IF” lies not merely in the creative mind of its director, but in the vibrant world inhabited by his daughters. Krasinski’s revelation during the premiere underscores the profound influence of family on his artistic endeavors. Witnessing his children’s imaginative escapades during the trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic sparked a realization within Krasinski—a realization of the fleeting nature of childhood innocence. This poignant insight not only shaped the thematic core of his latest film but also served as a personal declaration to his daughters: the magic of their make-believe realm will forever endure, a sanctuary awaiting their return whenever they choose.


As the release date of “IF” looms closer, Krasinski finds himself on the precipice of artistic achievement and familial validation. Yet, beyond the glitz of the premiere and the buzz of anticipation, lies a father’s heartfelt wish—for his daughters to see not just a film, but a reflection of the enduring love and inspiration they have bestowed upon him.