Robert De Niro admits mistaking award announcements for Robert Downey Jr. as his own


Robert De Niro, an indisputable titan of the silver screen, commands recognition as one of the paramount actors of his era. His illustrious career, often intertwined with the visionary Martin Scorsese, stands as a testament to his unparalleled talent, garnering him a staggering nine Academy Award nominations. Among the most recent, his portrayal in “Killers of the Flower Moon” earned him yet another nod, this time for Best Supporting Actor. However, fate had a whimsical twist in store for him at the ceremony.

In a moment reminiscent of the infamous mix-ups in award show history, Robert De Niro found himself momentarily caught in the spotlight’s glare, his anticipation heightened as his name echoed through the auditorium. Yet, to his bemusement, it was not his victory to claim, but that of another esteemed actor sharing his first name—Robert Downey Jr. The convergence of two iconic Roberts on the same stage served as a comical interlude in an otherwise solemn affair.

Reflecting on this moment of mistaken identity in a conversation with Jimmy Fallon, De Niro candidly admitted to the fleeting thrill of believing the accolade was rightfully his. “Yeah, yeah, that happened. I need to go like this,” he remarked, humorously mimicking the reflexive urge to rise in acceptance. Such anecdotes, though lighthearted, underscore the inherent unpredictability of live events and the endearing fallibility of human reactions.


Yet, amidst the laughter, De Niro’s prowess as an actor remains undiminished, his nominations a testament to his enduring impact on cinema. While the allure of victory may fade, the recognition of his peers and the adulation of audiences stand as enduring tributes to his artistry.

Beyond the glitz of award ceremonies, De Niro’s humility shines through as he downplays the significance of nominations, acknowledging them with a modest nod. With a career spanning decades and accolades adorning his illustrious journey, he remains a paragon of cinematic excellence—a testament to the enduring power of talent and dedication in the ever-evolving landscape of film.