Insights from The Finals Developer: Addressing the Cheating Issue and Promising Imminent Fixes


Embark Studios, the developer behind the popular free-to-play shooter game, The Finals, has addressed the recent surge in cheating issues and assured players that a solution is in the works. This problem has escalated within the community, with players urging the developers to region-lock China due to the prevalence of reported cheaters using Mandarin names. However, the community manager clarified that many of these players using Mandarin names might not necessarily be Chinese but adopt such aliases to evade easy reporting.

Despite these challenges, The Finals has swiftly risen to prominence, becoming one of the most talked-about releases. Following its surprise launch at The Game Awards, The Finals quickly gained traction and even outperformed established titles like Call of Duty on Steam. However, the development team at Embark Studios has not rested on its laurels, actively updating the game since its launch to ensure a smooth gaming experience, especially in an online multiplayer environment where ongoing maintenance is crucial.

Acknowledging the cheating problem, Embark Studios took to Discord to inform players that they are actively working on a fix. According to IGN’s report, the developer attributed the issue to a technical glitch that hindered efficient banning of cheaters. The team expressed confidence in nearing a solution, intending to reinforce anti-cheating measures promptly to maintain a fair and secure gaming space for all players.


While an exact timeline for the fix was not provided, the assurance from Embark Studios regarding their awareness of the issue and their efforts toward resolving it is promising. In multiplayer games like The Finals, cheating concerns can significantly impact player experiences. However, despite occasional setbacks such as the recent cheating problem and criticisms surrounding the use of AI voice acting alongside real voice actors, the game’s overall enjoyment has propelled its success.

Amidst mixed reviews and controversies, The Finals’ player base continues to grow substantially. Players seem willing to overlook shortcomings, drawn in by the game’s engaging gameplay. With ongoing updates from Embark Studios, players eagerly anticipate the game’s potential and evolution in the future. The developer’s commitment to addressing issues and improving the gaming experience bodes well for the game’s longevity and continued success.