NYT Mini Crossword today: puzzle answers for Friday, May 31


The Mini Crossword from the New York Times is a bite-sized version of the well-known crossword puzzle, designed to test your crossword skills in a short time. The average puzzle takes most players just over a minute to solve, but it can still be challenging. If you’re stuck and need a little help with today’s Mini crossword, we’ve got you covered.


NYT Mini Crossword answers today


  1. Something found inside a cookie or credit card – CHIP
  2. Keep for later – SAVE
  3. Cut down the middle – SPLIT
  4. Top choice, informally – FAVE
  5. The second and third numbers of the Fibonacci sequence – ONES


  1. Channel for politics nerds – CSPAN
  2. Cut down the middle – HALVE
  3. Columbia, Cornell, etc. – IVIES
  4. Commander or Major, for Joe Biden – PET
  5. Airport with a BART station – SFO

With these answers, you should be able to complete today’s Mini crossword quickly and efficiently. Good luck, and enjoy the challenge!