Fortnite Responds: Plans to Rectify Unpopular Season 5 Locker UI Changes


Fortnite’s recent changes to the locker UI didn’t sit well with most players, prompting Epic Games to work on enhancements for the modified locker tab. Following the break after Chapter 4 ended and the release of Season OG, Fortnite resumed its regular chapter schedule, ushering in Chapter 5 with significant adjustments. Epic Games hyped Chapter 5 as a fresh start for Fortnite, especially highlighted by the much-anticipated Big Bang live event.

The beginning of Chapter 5 Season 1 introduced several new game modes, such as LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Racing, and Fortnite Festival, intended to be permanent additions to Fortnite. These modes expanded the game’s item and cosmetic repertoire, necessitating modifications to the locker to maintain organization in the face of these new inclusions.

However, the changes to the locker’s UI, particularly the addition of tabs for the newly introduced game modes, didn’t sit well with many players. The disruption to the established order and the removal of rarity backgrounds for cosmetic items made it harder for players to swiftly navigate and locate their desired items. Legendary skins no longer had their iconic yellow background, and Epic skins lost their familiar purple backdrop. This shift prompted dissatisfaction among players, leading to widespread feedback and criticism.


Epic Games acknowledged this feedback and has begun addressing these concerns in recent patches. Some specialty rarity backgrounds, such as those for Lava and Icon Series skins, have been reinstated. However, other rarities are yet to receive their distinct backgrounds. Players can still rely on filters to facilitate item searches, but the ease of finding a specific skin within its rarity category has been affected.

Despite transitioning out of early access in 2020, Fortnite remains an evolving game, constantly receiving updates and improvements. Epic Games is committed to refining the gaming experience, striving to meet players’ expectations and enhance satisfaction with ongoing updates and adjustments. As Fortnite continues to evolve, it aims to cater to its dedicated fanbase, ensuring an enjoyable and engaging gaming experience.