Zom 100: Bucket List Of The Dead Episode 9 Ending Explained!


In Episode 9 of “Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead,” titled “Treehouse of the Dead,” Akira and his companions embark on a journey to a distant village. However, they encounter a roadblock along the way and decide to venture into the forest instead.

In the forest, they meet a man named Mr. Kumano, who is in the process of building a treehouse. Akira, reminiscing about a childhood dream of constructing a treehouse, decides to lend a hand, even though his friend Shizuka is not entirely enthused about the idea. Eventually, they arrive at Akira’s hometown, where he reunites with his father.

Despite the emotional reunion, there seems to be an inexplicable distance between them. This episode delves into these poignant moments, providing depth to the characters’ journeys.


As the group approaches the village, Tendou reflects on how he used to view his father, a farmer, with some disdain. Now, he yearns to do something special for his parents. However, a major obstacle arises: a tunnel completely blocked by zombies on both ends. They are forced to alter their route, navigating through the mountains and the forest.

In the forest, they rescue an elderly man named Kumano from a zombie boar, and Akira discovers that building a treehouse is on Kumano’s bucket list. Excited by this revelation, they decide to assist Kumano with the treehouse project, temporarily delaying their journey.

Upon reaching the faraway village, they discover that everyone, including Akira’s parents, is safe. The villagers had successfully contained the zombies within the tunnel, ensuring the safety of the village. Akira expresses his gratitude to his father, Teruo, for all he has done, but Teruo remains distant and unresponsive for unknown reasons.

In the closing scenes, Akira is troubled by the feeling that he hasn’t done enough for his parents. Meanwhile, Teruo is shown looking at his bloodied hand in the evening, which he keeps concealed in his pocket. He cautions himself not to hold out too much hope, hinting at the possibility that he may not have much time left.

This enigmatic moment leaves viewers guessing about the nature of Teruo’s injury and its potential implications. There’s a suggestion that he may be concealing a zombie bite, which could lead to a sudden transformation. The episode ends with Akira and Teruo encountering a group of individuals, with one of them, Kanta Higurashi, appearing suspicious.

In a flashback, it is revealed that Kanta and his group might have released the trapped zombies in the tunnel, potentially posing a threat to the village. The upcoming episodes are likely to follow Akira and his friends as they strive to protect the village from this new danger.