Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Player Crafts Ingenious Machine to Conquer Tricky Boss!


In the realm of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, a resourceful player has ingeniously devised a solution to conquer one of the game’s most exasperating boss encounters – the formidable Mucktorock. This inventive approach stands as the latest testament to players’ ingenuity in facing off against the most daunting adversaries within Tears of the Kingdom. The latest addition to the esteemed Zelda franchise brought forth an array of novel abilities and equipment, including the Zonai devices, which grant players unprecedented control over their interactions within the game world.

From employing the Ultrahand ability to construct a colossal barrel bomb for vanquishing formidable foes like the Molduga, to executing precise takedowns of a skyborne Talus from the ground, players have been pushing the boundaries of their skills in these epic confrontations. Tears of the Kingdom reintroduced elemental temples to the series, thereby pitting fans against some of the game’s most uniquely challenging bosses. Taking it a step further, Nintendo introduced the Depths, allowing players to revisit these temple bosses, whether to experiment with different weapons or uncover strategies for smoother encounters in future endeavors.

A user identified by the moniker Embarassed_Bat_417 took to the Tears of the Kingdom subreddit to showcase their ingenious method for effortlessly dispatching Mucktorock, a boss notorious for its frustration-inducing nature. The accompanying video depicts the player confronting the Water Temple’s boss in the Depths, wielding an elaborate Zonai contraption comprising sleds, wheels, a stabilizer, a homing cart, and hydrants, ingeniously dubbed the Anti-Muck Zonai Defense System. This contraption doggedly tracks the boss around the arena, swiftly clearing away the noxious sludge that impedes movement. According to the original poster, the device incorporates sleds which reduce the boss’s jumping range upon impact, and a sludge-free arena enables both players and Sages to focus on combat. This was aptly demonstrated when the boss summoned a sludge shark to ride, only to have it swiftly washed away.


The community on the subreddit responded positively to this innovative method, with many members sharing their own frustrations in facing this particular boss. One player astutely pointed out that Embarassed_Bat_417’s creation represents a clever solution to this encounter, notably due to its minimal consumption of Zonai Energy Cells. Equipped with this newfound strategy, numerous users expressed their intention to employ this build for future encounters with Mucktorock.

This video serves as a shining example of why Tears of the Kingdom stands as one of Nintendo’s groundbreaking games; it not only encourages but also rewards players for venturing into uncharted territories and adopting fresh tactics. Presently, there is no indication of when Nintendo might unveil the next installment in the Zelda series. Yet, given the company’s track record in enhancing various aspects of a sequel set in the same expansive world as Breath of the Wild, fans are eagerly anticipating the future of this beloved franchise.