Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Director Unveils Further Lore Behind the Game’s Shrines


The director of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Hidemaro Fujibayashi, has shed light on the intricate lore behind the shrines scattered throughout Hyrule in Link’s latest adventure. Following its release and soaring acclaim on Metacritic, players delved deep into the world of Tears of the Kingdom, uncovering its mysteries.

In an interview translated by Nintendo Everything from Nintendo Dream, Fujibayashi elaborated on the significance of these shrines, tracing their existence back to a time before Hyrule was founded by Rauru. Preceding the emergence of the Demon King Ganondorf, these shrines stood as bastions against the encroaching darkness of malevolent entities. Rauru, in his quest to thwart this evil, demolished these threatened areas and established shrines to prevent their resurgence. Upon Link’s completion of challenges within these shrines, the reward of a Spirit Orb symbolizes the hero’s purification from darkness, empowering him to confront Ganondorf.

Fujibayashi emphasized that the trials within the shrines serve not as mere deterrents to enemies but as mechanisms to cleanse Link’s inner darkness, fortifying him to confront the Demon King. Eiji Aonuma, the longstanding producer of the Zelda franchise, likened these shrines to talismans or statues designed to repel adversaries.


Furthermore, the interview elucidated the inspiration behind these shrines and the Lightroot locations within Tears of the Kingdom. Each shrine Link encounters across Hyrule pays homage to real-world locations in Kyoto, where Nintendo’s headquarters reside. While based on actual places, the names have been slightly altered to maintain the game’s immersive atmosphere. Fujibayashi suggested that players in the Kyoto area explore their surroundings to identify these real-life inspirations woven into Tears of the Kingdom.

The detailed insights from Fujibayashi showcase the meticulous crafting of lore within Link’s latest odyssey. Although Tears of the Kingdom currently does not have any planned DLC, future interviews might address lingering questions, such as the fate of certain absent characters, inviting players to further unravel the mysteries hidden within Hyrule’s expansive landscape.