Zack Snyder’s Surprise: Exclusive Insight Into His Potential MCU Reboot Preference, Unaware of Existing Developments


In the ongoing superhero film landscape, helmed by visionaries like James Gunn revitalizing DC while Marvel faces challenges akin to the DCEU’s box office woes, the genre feels like its very own multiverse of unpredictability. It’s no wonder that Zack Snyder recently disclosed his openness to directing a Marvel film.

However, Snyder clarified his interest, stating his inclination toward one specific project only. In an interview with THR promoting his Netflix sci-fi epic, “Rebel Moon,” he expressed a reluctance to delve into more superhero movies at the moment, unless an exceptional opportunity arose through Kevin Feige. Snyder’s keenness lay specifically in crafting a Daredevil and Elektra movie, ideally based on Frank Miller’s “Elektra Lives Again” comic. Nonetheless, he firmly stated this as his sole interest, drawing a clear boundary.

Ironically, Snyder’s dream project intersects with ongoing Marvel plans. Charlie Cox’s portrayal of Daredevil, a core figure in the MCU, continues to gain prominence, especially with the upcoming Disney Plus series “Daredevil: Born Again,” sharing its name with another notable Frank Miller comic. Simultaneously, Jennifer Garner, the original Elektra, is set to reprise her role in “Deadpool 3,” slated for release next July.


Despite Snyder’s aspiration, it appears unlikely for him to pivot like James Gunn and collaborate with Kevin Feige to revive Daredevil on-screen. While there might have been a momentary chance when “Born Again” underwent reevaluation due to creative divergences, that window has closed. The creative reins for the show have been taken over by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, who spearhead the highly anticipated “Loki” season 2.

Thus, Snyder’s future seems distant from both Marvel and DC realms in the foreseeable future. However, his devoted fan base can take solace in the promising beginnings of the “Rebel Moon” universe, set to unfold on Netflix.