Zack Snyder Reveals His Choice for a Marvel Movie in the MCU


Zack Snyder, recognized for his work in superhero movies like Watchmen and Justice League within the DC Universe, has expressed interest in potentially directing a Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) film. Despite not having worked on any MCU projects yet, Snyder has revealed his inclination towards a Daredevil and Elektra movie, specifically inspired by Frank Miller’s Elektra Lives Again arc.

In a recent Variety interview while promoting the release of his upcoming sci-fi film, Rebel Moon, Snyder shared his enthusiasm for the idea of helming a Daredevil and Elektra project. His noir-leaning signature style, characterized by slow-motion, speed-ramping, and a dark visual aesthetic, seems well-suited for the gritty setting of Daredevil’s Hell’s Kitchen in New York.

Although Marvel has been contemplating the possibility of a Daredevil series continuation—tentatively titled Daredevil: Born Again (or Daredevil season 4)—the prospects of a new Daredevil movie remain uncertain. Snyder’s inclination towards sci-fi storytelling suggests that his involvement in a Marvel project might be unlikely in the immediate future.


However, Snyder’s interest in exploring the complex relationship between Daredevil and Elektra—known for its on-again-off-again dynamic—raises anticipation among fans for a dedicated storyline focusing on this intriguing duo. While Snyder’s potential involvement in a Daredevil project within Marvel’s Phase 6 appears uncertain, his vision and stylistic approach could offer a fresh perspective on this Marvel storyline, should the opportunity arise.