‘You hum it, I’ll play it’ has now come to music streaming – thank you YouTube Music


Android users with persistent earworms have reason to celebrate as the “hum to search” feature, initially tested by YouTube Music, is now officially launching as a fully integrated function in the Android app. This innovative feature acts as a kind of Shazam for earworms, allowing users to identify songs by humming or singing them, rather than requiring the actual track to be heard.

While the feature may excel at recognizing popular tunes like Billie Eilish’s latest hit, it might struggle with more obscure tracks. However, if users can produce a decent rendition of the melody, the app should be able to accurately identify the song and offer options to play it or add it to their music library.

Using the “Hum to Search” feature is straightforward, akin to the song search function introduced earlier in YouTube Music. Simply tap on the search icon, denoted by a magnifying glass, and locate the sound wave icon adjacent to the microphone icon. Tap on the sound wave icon, and the app prompts users to hum, sing, or play the song they’re trying to identify. The app then matches the user’s rendition with its extensive music database.


Although the feature isn’t entirely new, having been tested since 2020, Google has now deemed it ready for a wider rollout as part of the standard app experience. While initially launched on Android, an iOS version is likely to follow soon. Moreover, the feature appears to support multiple languages, ensuring its accessibility to users worldwide.

For Android users eager to try out this feature, ensuring they have the latest version of the YouTube Music app (version 7.02 or higher) should enable access to “Hum to Search.” So, the next time a catchy tune gets stuck in your head, you can rely on your Android device to help you identify it, no matter where you are or what language you speak.