Yemen’s Houthi rebels claims responsibility for attacks on Israel, drawing Iran’s involvement closer to conflict


Yemen’s Houthi rebels has claimed the missile and drone attacks on Israel, on Tuesday, drawing attention to their main sponsor Iran. The claims have escalated the risks of regional conflict erupting as it draws Iran closer to the ongoing Hamas – Israel conflict.

Earlier this month, the Houthis had been suspected of an attack by sending missiles and drones over the crucial shipping lane of the Red Sea, targeting Israel.

On Tuesday, Israel claimed that its fighter jets and its new Arrow missile defense system shot down two salvos of incoming fire hours apart as it approached the country’s key Red Sea shipping port of Eilat.


In a later statement, Houthis, who have held the capital of Yemen since 2014 as a part of country’s ruinous war, claimed three attacks on Israel.

Apart from the attack that saw the U.S. shoot down projectiles, there had been a mysterious explosion on Thursday at Egypt resort town of Taba, which the authorities are yet to explain.