Yemen’s Houthi rebels claim drone attack on Israel, but no incursion detected


Iran backed Houthi rebels, in Yemen, have claimed on Monday to have launched a fresh drone attack against Israel but there was no sign of any such incursion in the Jewish state.

The Houthis, who is currently controlling the impoverished country, claimed that its latest activities have halted activities at Israeli military bases and airports, however, it failed to provide any evidence.

Meanwhile in Israel, there were no sirens or infiltration alerts set off indicating incursion, and airports and military bases seems to working just fine. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) did not bother to comment on the claims made by Houthis.


An unsourced Channel 12 TV reports suggested that the drone attack carried out by the Houthis may have been shot down by Jordan. Earlier, attacks from Yemen were intercepted by both US and Israel.

In an announcement, they have said they are acting as part of the “axis of resistance” against Israel, which includes Iran-backed groups in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq.