Yellowstone’s Nail-Biting Cliffhanger Left Kelly Reilly Apprehensive About Her Role


Kelly Reilly’s portrayal of Beth Dutton has become synonymous with the success and appeal of Yellowstone, showcasing her immense talent and making the character a pivotal figure since the series’ inception.

However, Reilly confessed that the cliffhanger at the end of Yellowstone season 3 had her apprehensive about her character’s fate. When Beth Dutton faced a bomb explosion orchestrated by Garrett Randall, Reilly found herself questioning whether this signaled the end of her role in the show. Seeking reassurance from creator Taylor Sheridan, Reilly recalled her concerns, expressing the typical actor’s anxiety about job security and assuming the worst.

Fortunately, Sheridan’s intention was to craft a gripping cliffhanger rather than eliminate characters. The explosive finale put the lives of several Dutton family members in jeopardy, including John Dutton, Kayce, Monica, and Tate. The orchestrated attack on the Dutton ranch by Garrett Randall created a momentous and perilous situation for the family.


Ultimately, the Duttons survived the attack, albeit with injuries and scars, allowing Reilly’s Beth to return for Yellowstone’s upcoming season 5 part 2. However, while the survival of the characters brought relief to both Reilly and viewers, the resolution of the season 3 cliffhanger left some aspects to be desired.

One notable drawback was the revelation that Garrett Randall was the orchestrator of the attack, which felt underwhelming compared to the build-up. The character’s motivations and the intricacies of his plan remained unclear and unsatisfying.

Moreover, the survival of all Dutton family members diluted the impact of the attack, seeming somewhat unrealistic. Many felt that a character’s death, perhaps Kayce Dutton, could have added weight and increased the stakes, revitalizing the storyline.

As Yellowstone gears up for its final episodes in November 2024, the fate of characters remains uncertain. There’s speculation surrounding John Dutton’s future, especially considering Kevin Costner’s reluctance to return. Fans await closure for the series, hoping for a conclusion that honors the characters and their narratives appropriately.