Yellowstone’s most likely spin-off desperately needs Kelly Reilly!


Yellowstone fans have grown to love Kelly Reilly’s portrayal of Beth Dutton, a character whose fierce and unpredictable nature has become integral to the show. Without Beth, Yellowstone wouldn’t possess the same depth and intensity.

As Yellowstone progresses, it’s inevitable that John Dutton’s storyline will come to a close. When this happens, audiences will likely be most eager to follow Beth’s journey next. While she could potentially appear in the Matthew McConaughey spin-off or the 6666 release, Beth is undeniably the heart of Yellowstone.

Taylor Sheridan, the creator of Yellowstone, has staunchly defended Beth’s character against requests to tone her down. He values her rawness and the fact that she expresses what many wish they could in similar situations.


This deep appreciation for Beth, along with Kelly Reilly’s exceptional performance, makes a Beth-centric spin-off highly probable. Such a series would allow Sheridan to continue the story of the original Dutton family, focusing on the character he holds dearest. It could explore Beth, Rip, and Carter’s lives beyond the Yellowstone ranch, presenting new challenges and successes.

A Beth spin-off would not only give the character the spotlight she deserves but also allow Sheridan to conclude her story on his own terms. It’s a promising prospect for fans who have come to admire the complexity and strength of Beth Dutton.