Yellowstone’s Dutton Family Celebrates Christmas in an Insane, Yet Beloved Manner


The Yellowstone series might not boast a festive special where Jamie encounters Santa or John discovers the spirit of Christmas, but nestled within the show’s fabric is a brief yet intriguing peek into the Dutton family’s past holiday celebrations. In Season 1, Episode 7, viewers are transported back to the ’90s to witness how the Duttons once marked Christmas—a captivating snippet that sheds light on their lives before the turmoil unfolded.

The younger incarnations of the Yellowstone cast depict the Duttons in a time when family unity prevailed, and the holiday was a showcase of opulence and affluence. Money speaks volumes in their festivities; their extravagant living room transformed into a sea of red, exuding an overwhelming sense of coziness and luxury that seemingly transcends the ordinary.

The grandeur of their celebrations is exemplified by an impressive Christmas tree, seemingly surpassing all proportions, filling the room. Teenage Jamie, true to his demeanor, exudes a moody aura while awaiting Beth’s appearance. Kayce and Lee exchange gifts in a seemingly routine manner, but the exchanges between family members carry an air of discomfort and peculiarity, painting an unsettling Christmas atmosphere. This peculiar tension, oddly enough, encapsulates a certain essence of the holiday spirit, as masterfully crafted by Taylor Sheridan.


However, the episode takes a typically Yellowstone turn when Evelyn Dutton addresses Beth’s pivotal moment—her first period—an event that shapes her perception of womanhood. In a rather unconventional maternal interaction, Evelyn’s approach involves toughening Beth by predicting a lifetime of bullying and societal judgment, an unexpected Christmas conversation that leaves an indelible mark.

Yet, the true pièce de résistance of this festive episode arrives in the form of a grand gingerbread Dutton ranch—a stunning creation that prompts numerous unanswered questions. Crafted with intricate detail, including a sign and perhaps even miniature gingerbread cattle, the origin and effort behind this masterpiece remain a mystery.

The Duttons’ gift exchange unfolds with an air of commercial perfection, each package meticulously wrapped and disproportionately large, leaving the viewer to ponder their extravagant lifestyle. The scale of these gifts might even rival the Duttons’ lavish spending habits, providing a glimpse into why financial woes later plagued John Dutton.

This brief insight into the Duttons’ holiday revelry showcases their opulence and highlights the absence of peaceful or ordinary moments for this embattled family throughout the series. It reinforces the notion of Christmas decadence, prompting a newfound appreciation for the extravagance of the season—perhaps enough inspiration to seek out some plaid and indulge in a touch of luxurious festivity.