Yellowstone timeline explained!


Who would have imagined that cowboys would once again be fashionable? Cowboys have always been and will always be really cool, and the designers of Yellowstone are well aware of this.

Yellowstone, one of the finest TV shows out there, premiered just in 2018, but it has since grown tremendously, and there are now a number of spin-off shows to support the main narrative of the Dutton family and the full Yellowstone ensemble.

In order to get the plot, how do you really watch the Yellowstone series in order? So that you won’t have to worry, we’ve put up this helpful guide detailing the Yellowstone schedule. Hee hee!



The Yellowstone timeline in chronological order

Watching each series in order would be the most effective method to experience the Duttons’ legacy. This indicates that you begin at the very beginning, in 1883. Even if several of these programmes haven’t yet been published, the sequence is still the same.

The Yellowstone chronology is shown below in time order:

  1. 1883
  2. Lawmen: Bass Reeves (to be released)
  3. 1923 season 1
  4. Yellowstone seasons 1-5
  5. Matthew McConaughey’s untitled Yellowstone sequel (to be released)
  6. Yellowstone 6666 (to be released)

Yellowstone timeline: David Oyelowo as Bass Reeves in 1883

1. 1883 (2021 – 2022)

While John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner, was the first Dutton we encountered in the Yellowstone timeline in terms of release dates, 1883 season 1 takes us back to (you guessed it) the year 1883 to reveal the Dutton family’s beginnings and their ownership of the Yellowstone ranch.

1883 season 1 debuted on the streaming platform Paramount Plus back in 2021 and starred Tim McGraw, Sam Elliott, and Faith Hill, among others. It tells the story of how James Dutton (McGraw) came to own the property that would define the family’s heritage.

Considering that 1883 was created as a one-off season, it’s doubtful that we’ll see more of this specific Dutton family branch in the future. However, it’s certainly worth seeing to learn how the Yellowstone ranch came to be because it’s such a significant part of their history (and a pretty amazing show, too).


2. Lawmen: Bass Reeves (upcoming)

The next spin-off, Lawmen: Bass Reeves, will serve as a spiritual continuation of 1883 even if there may not be a release date for season 2. David Oyelowo will portray Bass Reeves, a real-life person who will be followed in this.

Bass Reeves was a remarkable person in Western history. Reeves, a former slave, rose to prominence as a marshal of law enforcement and was the first black deputy U.S. Marshal west of the Mississippi. He allegedly made more than 3,000 arrests throughout the course of his career. Sounds like the ideal candidate for his own programme!

We’re not sure how much this narrative will truly affect the course of the Dutton family generally, despite the fact that it will run off in a different direction from the Dutton chronology and is firmly rooted in the Yellowstone world. However, the Duttons occasionally imagine themselves to be law enforcement officials (particularly when it helps them! ), so we anticipate that they will run into each other.


3. 1923 (2022 – present)

Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren joining Taylor Sheridan and the Yellowstone crew as the faces of another Yellowstone prequel series is a remarkable accomplishment. Even though 1923’s release date has passed, we can still tell you where to view it.

With Ford and Mirren as Jacob and Cara Dutton, respectively, 1923 effectively advances us farther down the Dutton family tree. The Dutton family tree could become a little hazy at this time. Fortunately, we have a guide that will make it easier for you to understand the specific relationships between the Duttons and the actors from 1923. Additionally, you may learn more about the 1923 season 2 release date and the actors of the show.


4. Yellowstone seasons 1-5 (2018 – present)

Finally, the main plot and the original programme from whence it all began are presented here. Currently in its fifth season, this expansive thriller series will conclude with the impending release of Yellowstone season 5 part 2.

The main Yellowstone series follows John Dutton (Costner) and his family as they navigate the challenges of owning Yellowstone Ranch while contending with pressures from property developers, the national park, and the Broken Rock Indian tribe. The majority of Yellowstone is set in modern-day Montana.

Yellowstone timeline: Jefferson White as Jimmy Hurdstrom in Yellowstone

5. Matthew McConaughey’s untitled Yellowstone sequel (upcoming)

Although we don’t know much about it yet, McConaughey is reportedly set to take over a new Yellowstone sequel series once Kevin Costner puts up his cowboy hat. Again, this will take place in the present, although it is unknown how this fits within the Dutton family’s history. According to Paramount, the programme is scheduled to premiere in December, but with the current 2023 Writers Strike, that may only be a pipe dream.


6. Yellowstone 6666 (upcoming)

Although Yellowstone 6666 hasn’t yet been released, when it does, it will present a further fascinating Dutton family heritage offshoot. The Texas ranch known as Four Sixes will serve as the setting for the programme, which will be set in the present.

Although we don’t yet know much about the future series, we do know that Jimmy Hurdstrom will play Jefferson White, a character we previously knew from the first season of Yellowstone. In season 4, Jefferson was assigned to the Four Sixes ranch and made the decision to remain in Texas. What he’s been doing while the drama has been playing out back at the Yellowstone ranch will probably be explained on this show.