Yankees’ top prospect takes big step in rehab assignment


Jasson Dominguez, the highly touted prospect in the New York Yankees organization, is taking a significant stride forward in his journey back from a torn UCL. The 21-year-old outfielder is set to make his first start in center field during his ongoing rehab assignment, marking a pivotal moment in his recovery process.

Dominguez, affectionately known as “The Martian,” is slated to bat second for Double-A Somerset, positioned behind Spencer Jones, another top prospect within the Yankees’ farm system. This development underscores the anticipation surrounding Dominguez’s return to action and his continued development within the organization.

The outfielder’s brief stint with the Yankees in 2023 left a lasting impression, as he showcased his immense talent by belting four home runs in just eight games before succumbing to injury. Despite the setback, Dominguez’s impact was palpable, offering a glimpse of his potential to energize the Yankees’ lineup in the future.


As Dominguez inches closer to full health, speculation looms regarding his role within the Yankees’ roster once he is deemed fit for MLB action. While the specifics of his future with the team remain uncertain, his return to center field during the rehab assignment serves as an encouraging sign for both Dominguez and the Yankees organization.

With his electrifying skill set and undeniable potential, Dominguez remains a focal point of excitement for Yankees fans, who eagerly await his return to the diamond at the highest level. As he continues to progress in his recovery, Dominguez’s journey back to the majors promises to be a storyline worth monitoring closely in the coming months.