Xbox Pursuing Resolution for Critical Cloud Save Problem


Microsoft recently addressed a bug affecting certain participants in the Insiders Program, where players risked losing progress in specific games while using the beta version of the Xbox OS. The Xbox team regularly delivers software updates to Xbox Series X/S owners to ensure optimal performance for the latest console generation.

The Insider Program offers Xbox players the opportunity to engage in beta testing for select Microsoft productions, granting early access to system updates or exclusive beta tests for first-party games. Although free to join, the program offers different tiers and perks to players who actively use the Xbox ecosystem and progress through the ranks.

In an update posted on the official Xbox website, the company acknowledged and fixed an issue linked to the latest OS update that resulted in unexpected save data loss for certain games during Cloud Streaming. This issue specifically affected players in the Beta Ring tier of the program. While the specific games impacted were not disclosed, Microsoft assured users that the issue has been rectified for Beta Ring participants and encouraged reporting of any further issues directly through their website.


A new 2311 update (2311.231211-1920) is slated for release to Beta users, aiming to address these concerns. It’s important to note that the loss of save data only affected subscribers to the Insider Program, with the wider gaming community remaining unaffected. Microsoft has committed to releasing the next Xbox software update only after resolving major bugs, although the timing of this news coincides with previous server-related problems faced by Xbox.

Recently, Xbox encountered issues with Xbox Live servers, leading to reports of problems following the Fortnite Big Bang event on December 2. On December 6, the entire Xbox Live network experienced a temporary outage, halting players’ access to online modes.

However, Microsoft swiftly resolved these server issues, ensuring quick restoration for gamers eager to dive into Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Season 1, which coincidentally launched on the day Xbox Live went offline. Activision, now under Microsoft’s ownership, announced that players could enjoy Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer for free from December 14 to December 18.

Despite these challenges, Microsoft’s team appears focused on introducing new features while promptly addressing any emerging issues within these developments. The announcement regarding the identification and resolution of the bug should come as a relief for Insider Program players as they continue to test the upcoming Series X/S OS update.