X CEO Linda Yaccarino rebuts EU allegations of ‘illegal content’ about Israel – Hamas war


Linda Yaccarino, CEO of X, formerly known as Twitter, has explained, on Thursday, how the social media platform has been dealing with illegal content related to the ongoing Israel – Hamas war. It comes after one of the top regulators of European Union claimed that the platform is being used to spread disinformation.

The Palestinian militant group Hamas launched a surprise attack on the southern territory of Israel over the weekend, making it the deadly assault ever faced by the country in over 50 years. Hamas has been recognised as terrorist organisation by many countries including U.S., Japan, Australia, Israel, and European Union.

In a letter posted on X, Yaccarino said that after the Hamas attack, the social media firm “assembled a leadership group to assess the situation.” It added that the platform has “identified and removed hundreds of Hamas-affiliated accounts” since the start of the war.


The CEO, while sharing details over the firm’s policies regarding violent speech, synthetic or manipulated media, said, “X is committed to serving the public conversation, especially in critical moments like this.” It added that there is no place on the social media platform for terrorist organisation or violent extremist group and also understand the importance of removing any illegal data that may be disseminated through X.