Writer Reveals Quentin Tarantino’s Unconventional Vision for ‘Star Trek’: Space Gangsters


Quentin Tarantino’s envisioned Star Trek movie was indeed a departure from the typical science fiction narrative. According to screenwriter Mark L. Smith, who collaborated with Tarantino on the script, the film would have taken an unconventional turn by incorporating elements of gangster culture into the futuristic world of Star Trek.

During their initial meetings, Tarantino acted out a scene filled with a “cool gangster” vibe, which left a lasting impression on Smith. They delved into watching classic gangster films together, spending hours analyzing and discussing how these crime cliches could intertwine with the Star Trek universe.

There were rumors suggesting Tarantino’s interest in adapting the original series episode ‘A Piece of the Action’, in which the Enterprise crew encounters a planet emulating 1920s gangster stereotypes. Smith’s insights into watching gangster movies with Tarantino lent weight to these rumors, hinting at their potential influence on the movie’s direction.


Smith indicated that the collaboration would have brought together iconic Star Trek characters like Kirk while promising a storyline characterized by its “wild” nature, involving time travel and resembling episodes of the series that deviated from the conventional Star Trek narrative.

Overall, Tarantino’s vision for the Star Trek movie seemed poised to offer a unique and unconventional take on the franchise, merging futuristic science fiction with elements of classic gangster culture, promising an intriguing and potentially divergent addition to the Star Trek universe.