World of Warcraft Unveils an Endearing Surprise: A New Pet Joins the Adventure


World of Warcraft enthusiasts were treated to a delightful revelation recently: dreamtalon pets, featured in the Guardians of the Dream update, possess a secret interaction that allows them to dance alongside players who summon them. This endearing discovery brings an added layer of charm to these four dreamtalon battle pets available in the latest World of Warcraft content.

In Patch 10.2, Guardians of the Dream, players venture into the Emerald Dream—a whimsical realm teeming with extraordinary creatures unseen in Azeroth. Among these fantastical beings are creatures tamed by Hunters, unlocked by Druids as shapeshifting forms, or obtained as mounts or battle pets by players of any class. Notably, the dreamtalon stands out, resembling a fusion between a raptor and a tiger.

While exploring this dreamy landscape, World of Warcraft unveiled a secret interaction on its official Twitter account. Players can trigger a dance sequence with the baby dreamtalon pets by using the /dance emote while targeting the creature. A captivating video showcases this interaction, featuring a World of Warcraft Druid transformed into a grand dreamtalon, mirroring the dance moves of its smaller counterpart. Interestingly, players of any class, race, or appearance can engage these adorable pets in a dance routine.


Dreamtalon Battle Pets in World of Warcraft are as follows:

Elmer and Snoots: Acquired by exchanging one Seedbloom each, earned from completing the Dreamseed planting weekly quest offered by Sylvia Whisperbloom.
Random Drop from Pump Dreamy Bounties: These bounties spawn from blue Dreamseeds.
Slumbertooth: Found in the Emerald Dream zone within World of Warcraft.
Pale Slumbertooth: Visible only while affected by the Friendsurge Defenders toy, purchasable from Celestine of the Harvest, a Dreamsurge event vendor, in the Emerald Dream.

However, the dreamtalon pets only engage in their dance routine for a brief period when prompted by the player’s emote. Enthusiasts aiming to capture this adorable moment will need to act swiftly to record it through video or snapshots. Nonetheless, players expressed sheer delight at this charming detail, with some unaware that pets could have such interactive features. Warcraftpets, a renowned fan site dedicated to WoW collectors, notes that 198 companion pets have special interactions in the game, suggesting there might be more delightful surprises waiting in players’ collections.

For those keen on collecting battle pets, the wait for more is not long. World of Warcraft unveiled its 2024 roadmap, announcing The War Within with a release window. This forthcoming expansion introduces four zones teeming with new creatures to collect, promising pet enthusiasts ample adventures upon its summer release.