World Mobile’s DeWi Services Expand Globally: Bridging Connectivity Gaps with Blockchain Innovation


World Mobile, a London-based network operator, has introduced its innovative decentralized wireless (DeWi) services to diverse global markets, encompassing the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and Tanzania. Utilizing a revolutionary combination of mobile network services, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency, World Mobile’s mission is to narrow the connectivity divide between mainstream telecom operators and underserved regions.

The company’s breakthrough services are facilitated through a bespoke mobile app, initially available to Android users, which leverages the power of the Cardano blockchain. World Mobile’s proprietary token, aptly named the World Mobile Token (WMT), underpins its novel ecosystem. Each WMT is currently valued at $0.1074, as indicated by CoinMarketCap.

World Mobile’s unique approach stems from its foundation in both blockchain and the sharing economy. The company empowers local entrepreneurs in disconnected regions to operate cost-effective network nodes, thereby bringing online connectivity to their communities. As these nodes contribute to the network’s growth, they are rewarded with World Mobile Tokens, fostering a mutually beneficial network expansion.


The app’s launch in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and Tanzania follows successful beta tests, initially conducted on Zanzibar island in the Indian Ocean. The app introduces compelling features, including a Cardano wallet and a fiat on-ramp service, enabling seamless exchange of fiat currencies for WMT. Notably, the Scan for Points functionality sets the app apart, transforming mobile devices into network scanners capable of identifying weak connectivity spots worldwide, with users earning rewards in return.

World Mobile’s commitment to innovation extends further, as it forges partnerships with likeminded entities. The company has collaborated with SingularityNET, a provider of decentralized Artificial Intelligence (AI) services, to explore AI integration. This strategic move aligns with World Mobile’s vision of enhancing its services through cutting-edge technologies.

While the DeWi service is now available for Android users, World Mobile is actively developing an iOS version of the app. Looking ahead, the company aims to expand its offerings across Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America, further advancing its mission to bring connectivity and economic empowerment to underserved populations.

In contrast to traditional mobile network operators’ neglect of remote regions due to perceived lack of profitability, World Mobile’s revolutionary approach champions universal connectivity and economic inclusion, bridging gaps that have long persisted in the telecom industry.