Wooden Marvel: Vietnamese Woodworker Crafts Fully Functional DIY Tesla Cybertruck

In a Tribute to Tesla’s Vision, Truong Van Dao Creates a Remarkable Wooden Replica, Winning Elon Musk’s Approval


As Tesla’s highly anticipated Cybertruck faces production delays, a talented woodworker from Vietnam, Truong Van Dao, took matters into his own hands, crafting a fully functional wooden version of the iconic electric truck. This extraordinary DIY project, documented over a 100-day period on Truong’s YouTube channel ND-Woodworking Art, has captured the imagination of millions worldwide.

The Journey of Wood and Wheels:

Truong Van Dao embarked on a remarkable 100-day odyssey, fashioning a wooden marvel that mirrors the futuristic design of Tesla’s Cybertruck. Starting with a metal chassis, frame, and wheels, Truong meticulously added wooden panels, seats, and wheel trims, transforming the basic structure into a striking wooden replica. The attention to detail extended to functional features, including working lights and a luminous “X” logo on the door, paying homage to Elon Musk’s recent Twitter rebrand.


A Fully Functional Wonder:

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Truong’s wooden Cybertruck is not just a static display; it’s a fully functional vehicle that gracefully navigates the roads. The craftsmanship and engineering behind the creation become even more impressive as the wooden wonder showcases its on-road capabilities. Truong’s passion for wooden vehicles and admiration for Tesla’s vision converged in this ambitious project, highlighting sustainable transportation in a unique and artistic manner.

Elon Musk’s Heartfelt Approval:

Upon completion of the wooden Cybertruck, Truong Van Dao reached out to Elon Musk and Tesla on the social media platform X, offering the handcrafted masterpiece as a gift. In a surprising turn of events, Elon Musk responded with gratitude, expressing his appreciation with a simple yet heartfelt message: “Sure, much appreciated.” The interaction concluded with a small heart emoji, emphasizing Musk’s acknowledgment of Truong’s remarkable tribute.

A Symbol of Support for Tesla’s Vision:

Truong’s endeavor serves as more than just a creative expression; it symbolizes unwavering support for Tesla’s vision of sustainable transportation. In the face of production challenges delaying the official Cybertruck release, Truong’s wooden marvel stands as a testament to the global enthusiasm surrounding Tesla’s innovative designs.

As the wooden Cybertruck gains international attention, Truong Van Dao’s craftsmanship not only showcases his woodworking prowess but also resonates with Tesla enthusiasts and admirers of ingenious DIY projects worldwide.