‘Wolf Like Me’ Season 2 Ending Explained!


As the final curtain fell on Gary (played by Josh Gad) and Mary (played by Isla Fisher) in Season 1 of Peacock’s “Wolf Like Me,” the characters found themselves at a critical crossroads. By the end of the first season, two significant events had already unfolded for this close-knit wolf pack. Firstly, the secret of Mary’s lycanthropy was no longer confined to just Gary and Mary—it had been revealed to Emma (portrayed by Ariel Donoghue) in the Season 1 finale. Secondly, with Mary expecting a child, a whole new set of trials awaited this unconventional family. It is these very challenges that will be explored in Season 2 of Abe Forsythe’s “Wolf Like Me.”


‘Wolf Like Me’ Season 2 Ending Explained

In Season 2 of Peacock’s “Wolf Like Me,” the story kicks off with what seems to be a leap in time, portraying Gary and Mary’s wedding. However, it quickly becomes evident that Mary is still grappling with the fears that plagued her at the close of Season 1. In a horrifying dream, Mary envisions a nightmarish wedding scene where a baby wolf emerges from her belly and leaps at Gary. As Mary awakens, she finds herself in the aftermath of this terrifying reverie.


The following day, Gary cleans the blood-stained floors of Mary’s basement, while Mary staunchly opposes the idea of selling her house. To accommodate Mary on the nights of her transformation, Gary is constructing a basement in his own home. However, Mary’s expectations for this space clash with Gary’s vision. Additionally, Gary attempts to keep the existence of the basement a secret from his sister-in-law, Sarah. At this point, Mary is six months pregnant, and her anxieties about potentially giving birth to a werewolf persist. Alongside this, the family is preparing for Emma’s transition to high school, with Gary and Mary excited about her making new friends.

On Mary’s first full moon night in her new house, chaos erupts when Gary’s high-tech security system leaves him in a perilous situation. To ensure Mary’s safety, Gary drops Emma off at Sarah’s house next door. Gary and Mary briefly discuss the possibility of Mary giving birth in her wolf form, and how this might evoke her maternal instincts. Gary points out that she didn’t pose a threat to him and Emma during their desert camping trip months prior, suggesting that the werewolf inside her can make conscious choices.

Unfortunately, Gary soon learns the answer when he accidentally opens the basement door through his mobile application, inadvertently releasing the transformed Mary. She wreaks havoc throughout the house, including destroying the bassinet gifted by Sarah. When Gary seizes an opportunity to escape, he comes face-to-face with the werewolf. Thinking quickly, he uses Emma’s pet rabbit as bait to lure Mary back into the basement and secures the door. The following day, Mary surveys the destruction she caused the previous night. To exacerbate matters, she confronts Gary for not respecting her wishes regarding the basement. In an effort to make amends, Gary negotiates a deal with the new owners of Mary’s house, obtaining the metal door from her basement. Ultimately, he surprises Mary with the door, along with a marriage proposal. Delighted, Mary agrees, with the condition that they marry after she gives birth.

Shortly after, an unexpected visitor arrives: Anton (played by Édgar Ramírez), who introduces himself as Mary’s former teacher. Mary is visibly distressed by Anton’s presence, avoiding questions about him. As sunset approaches on a full moon night, it’s revealed that Mary had turned Anton into a werewolf like herself. However, Anton chose to embrace this aspect of his existence, allowing his inner wolf to roam freely. It becomes clear that Mary and Anton share a profound connection. They retreat to the basement for safety, leaving Gary to grapple with the unsettling sight of their passionate interactions during the night.

The next morning, Gary confronts Mary about her involvement with Anton, her former lover in their wolf forms. Mary, however, appears to have no recollection of the events. Although initially incredulous, Gary’s belief in their relationship is solidified through a series of peculiar coincidences. Meanwhile, Mary urges Anton to stay away, fearing the potential consequences.

With Anton’s visit behind them, Gary and Mary strategize for the impending birth of their child, aiming to avoid childbirth during a full moon. Emma suggests informing Sarah and her husband Ray about Mary’s secret. However, Gary’s plan is jeopardized when he receives a surprise call from Detective Kate Cross, who is investigating a double homicide linked to Mary’s actions in the Season 1 finale. Gary is questioned about his camping trip, and though he provides some information, he intentionally misleads the detectives regarding the details.

Trouble escalates when Sarah and Ray pay an unannounced visit, expressing concern about the strange occurrences surrounding the couple. Emma inadvertently reveals the truth, sparking disbelief from Sarah and Ray. As the detectives seize Gary’s car for investigation, Mary worries about her secret being exposed, especially since she left a firearm in the glovebox.

Sarah and Ray attempt to take Emma away, but Mary’s water breaks, complicating matters further. With the full moon only a day away, Mary frets about giving birth during her transformation. Additionally, Gary worries about Mary’s well-being if she’s unable to leave the hospital. Ultimately, they decide to escape the hospital.

In a tense moment, Mary begins transforming into a werewolf before sunset, possibly due to her pregnancy. Sarah and Ray help Gary steal an emergency ambulance to get Mary to the basement in time. Inside the basement, Mary gives birth to a wolf. Gary witnesses Mary’s exhaustion and takes it upon himself to bring their child to her.

The season concludes with a touching moment as the couple, now a new family, bond over their newborn. Unbeknownst to them, the police have followed them, leaving their future uncertain. Despite the challenges they face, it’s evident that Mary retains elements of her human consciousness even in her wolf form.

As Season 2 of “Wolf Like Me” concludes, Gary and Mary’s journey remains unpredictable, and they have more than just their “wolf” problem to contend with. Nevertheless, the cliffhanger ending suggests that Mary’s humanity continues to shine through, even amidst the wildness of her werewolf nature.