Will Trent season 2 release date speculation: When can the new season come out?


When is the release date for Season 2 of Will Trent? This gripping crime series, based on Karin Slaughter’s bestselling novels, has captivated audiences worldwide. Since its debut in January 2023, it has become a must-watch for fans of detective stories and armchair criminal analysts alike. And the reasons for its popularity are abundantly clear. Season 1 delivered unexpected twists, introduced us to a couple of serial killers, and now we’re all eagerly clutching our metaphorical case files, hungry for more.

If you haven’t yet hopped aboard the Will Trent train, let’s quickly give you a rundown of one of the standout TV series of 2023. This thrilling series revolves around a special agent with dyslexia working for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Despite grappling with a troubled past and communication challenges, Will Trent possesses an extraordinary detective knack for probing the deepest recesses of a person’s psyche. Throughout the show, we witness him confront his own trauma while untangling the webs of deceit and concealed motives woven through various criminal cases.

It certainly sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Well, rest assured, the series lives up to its promise, and we’re eagerly anticipating the arrival of a new season. To get you primed for the forthcoming release of Will Trent Season 2, we’ve compiled all the pertinent details you need to be in the know.



Is there a Will Trent season 2 release date?

Confirmation of the production of Will Trent Season 2 came on April 18, 2023. However, there is currently no established release date for the upcoming instalment. It is anticipated that Will Trent will make a return to our screens, most likely in late 2024.

Although the series has been officially renewed, progress has been hindered by the 2023 Writers Strike and the ongoing Actors Strike in Hollywood. The Writers Strike commenced a fortnight after the renewal announcement, and it wasn’t until September 2023 that a tentative agreement was reached with the studios. Even though the Writers Strike has concluded, actors are still engaged in their strike action. As a result, production for Will Trent Season 2 is unlikely to commence until the beginning of 2024.

Considering this disrupted schedule, and factoring in the necessary post-production work following filming, late 2024 appears to be the earliest feasible timeframe for Will Trent’s return. We will ensure to keep you updated as additional details and timelines are disclosed.