Will there be ‘Tomodachi Game’ season 2?


Authored by Mikoto Yamaguchi and illustrated by Yuki Sato, the inception of Tomodachi Game in manga format dates back to late 2013. However, it wasn’t until the year 2022 that an anime adaptation emerged from the shadows.

Interestingly, before its anime rendition, Tomodachi Game had already undergone a prior adaptation. In 2017, the series underwent a transformation into a live-action series and two live-action films. Concurrently, during the anime’s release year, a live-action episodic iteration titled Tomodachi Game R4 also hit the screens.

Given this pattern of multiple adaptations, some wonder if there’s a possibility for a second season of the anime to grace the screens.


Nevertheless, as of the latter half of 2023, there remains an eerie silence surrounding any news regarding the continuation of Tomodachi Game. This prolonged period of uncertainty spans over a year, leaving fans in a state of suspense.

The show’s reception among the audience didn’t reach exceptional heights to justify its continuation. It found itself somewhat overshadowed by the sequel seasons of other popular anime like Classroom of the Elite, Overlord, and Made in Abyss, alongside fresh titles such as Call of the Night and Lycoris Recoil.

Perceptions among fans online suggest that the first season may have primarily served as a means to attract more attention towards the source material, a common strategy in the anime world. Moreover, as the source material is nearing its conclusion, expectations for an announcement of a subsequent season remain low.

Expressing skepticism, a fan on Reddit remarked, “It probably won’t happen. Shows are there to boost manga sales and the manga is around a year or two from ending so by the time a new season is made the manga will be finished. Plus, the show didn’t perform well enough for a second season.”

Hence, while the possibility of a second season of Tomodachi Game cannot be completely ruled out, the prospects are not particularly favorable. Fans eager to delve deeper into the narrative post the anime’s gripping cliffhanger might need to resort to exploring the manga for closure.