Will there be a Season 8 of ‘Rick and Morty?’


As the seventh season of “Rick and Morty” unfolded with notable changes, including new voices for the titular duo and a shift in narrative focus, viewers were left pondering the future trajectory of the show. With significant plot developments and the apparent conclusion of its overarching storyline, fans eagerly awaited news about the next installment.

Addressing the status of Season 8, Sarah Chalke, the actress behind the character of Beth, revealed to Screen Rant in December 2023 that the scripts for the upcoming season have been completed. However, the cast was still awaiting a schedule to commence recording their voice-overs for the episodes.

The Adult Swim network, known for its adult-oriented content, had initially ordered a remarkable 70-episode run of “Rick and Morty.” By the conclusion of Season 7, 40 of these episodes had been released, indicating the show’s progression toward not just an eighth season but also a ninth and a tenth.


Co-creator Dan Harmon has teased insights about Season 9, even before the launch of Season 8, following behind-the-scenes changes after the replacement of co-creator Justin Roiland. Harmon expressed that Season 8 would signify a return to form and suggested a sense of “we’re back” for the show. He further hinted at Season 9 continuing this resurgence, indicating an ongoing process of regaining creative momentum.

As for the release date of Season 8, no official announcement has been made. However, given that the scripts are ready and recent production turnovers have been relatively swift, the anticipated release window for the new episodes could potentially be in early 2025. Nevertheless, signs point to Season 8 being prepared for launch as early as 2024, underscoring the excitement and anticipation among fans eagerly awaiting the return of “Rick and Morty.”