Will there be a Netflix Cyber Monday deal?


As the foremost leader in streaming services globally, Netflix commands an unparalleled audience of nearly 250 million subscribers worldwide. This vast user base has consistently grappled with recurrent price escalations, with a notable hike occurring earlier in 2023. The name ‘Netflix’ has become synonymous with streaming itself.

Amidst the Cyber Monday frenzy, a time typically teeming with discounts across various products and services, inquiries arise regarding potential cost-saving opportunities for a Netflix subscription. Despite the plethora of Cyber Monday streaming deals circulating, it’s pertinent to note that Netflix is currently not offering any direct discounts on its subscription plans.

Considering the anticipation surrounding Cyber Monday sales, many hopeful subscribers may wonder if Netflix will join the price-slashing trend. Regrettably, there isn’t a discounted subscription offer from Netflix on Cyber Monday for new or returning subscribers, maintaining the status quo of the usual subscription pricing.


However, it’s essential to acknowledge that in the past year, Netflix introduced a more affordable ad-supported tier, presenting an option for users to subscribe at a reduced cost compared to previous rates. Nevertheless, this isn’t a limited-time promotion; rather, it’s an ongoing tier in the Netflix service.

Despite the absence of a discount on subscriptions, Netflix does have Cyber Monday deals of a different nature. The platform’s online merchandise store boasts a substantial array of over 850 items on sale, spanning various products related to Netflix’s popular Originals and offerings. From merchandise and collectibles to books inspired by Netflix series like The Witcher and The Umbrella Academy, these deals provide an alternative for fans seeking discounted products related to their favorite shows and movies.

While it’s unlikely that Netflix will introduce a separate Cyber Monday deal specifically for subscriptions, the ongoing merchandise sale on their platform is set to persist until a specific date in December. Netflix traditionally refrains from offering price reductions directly on their subscription plans beyond the ad-supported tier, indicating that the chances of a Cyber Monday subscription discount remain slim.

Despite the allure of potential savings amidst recent price hikes, anticipating a specific Cyber Monday subscription deal from Netflix might lead to disappointment. Instead, exploring the merchandise sales and various related products from other retailers might be the best approach for those seeking Netflix-themed discounts during this Cyber Monday period.