Will there be a ‘Dr. Stone’ season 4?


If the typical narrative of anime protagonists wielding swords or possessing mystical abilities fails to captivate your interest, then Senku Ishigami’s scientific odyssey in a post-apocalyptic world, as depicted in “Dr. Stone,” might offer precisely the refreshing narrative you seek. With three seasons already captivating audiences, the eagerness surrounding the forthcoming fourth season is palpable.

This anime adaptation of the acclaimed manga stands out as a unique amalgamation of science, adventure, and a dash of post-apocalyptic enigma. Rather than supernatural forces or mythical creatures, the apocalypse unfolds through a peculiar petrification phenomenon turning humans into stone. Senku, an ingenious high school student, devotes himself to employing his scientific acumen to restore civilization.

Produced by TMS Entertainment, “Dr. Stone” debuted on television screens in 2019. Fast forward four years, and the anime continues its triumphant journey with three completed seasons and the promise of a fourth on the horizon. The conclusion of Season 3, which aired on Thursday, Dec. 21, 2023, became a significant event for fans, as the tradition of announcing the series’ future often occurs in season finales.


To the joy of everyone, “Dr. Stone” confirmed its fourth season, heralding the return of beloved characters and the continuation of their enthralling journey.

The release window and teaser for Dr. Stone Season 4 have been unveiled. Season 3’s finale set the stage for Season 4, showcasing the revival of Tsukasa and the main characters preparing the ship for a global expedition to revive more people and gather essential supplies. The episode concludes with the Perseus embarking from Ishigami Village towards the United States of America. It’s immediately followed by the announcement that Season 4 of “Dr. Stone” is scheduled to air in October 2024.

Accompanying this exciting announcement was a 10-second teaser for the next season, officially titled “Dr. Stone: Science Future.” Additionally, a brand-new visual was released, unveiling a surprising revelation that Season 4 would mark the final installment.

Regarding the plot of Season 4, it will draw from the remaining 90 chapters of the original manga after Season 3 adapted Chapters 90-142. The anime has just entered “The Truth of the Petrification Saga” from the manga, encompassing four story arcs. Subsequently, the final Saga, titled “Stone to Space,” covers the concluding chapters from 213 to 232.

In Season 4, the focus remains aligned with the manga’s content, centered on the Perseus crew’s efforts to establish cities globally to gather materials necessary for constructing a rocket. Their initial journey takes them to North America to establish Corn City, followed by a South American expedition. The narrative will also feature another worldwide petrification event, with Suika being the first to awaken.

The series culminates with the crew successfully launching a rocket to the Moon and confronting Why-man, likely revealing the reason behind humanity’s petrification several thousand years ago in the Season 4 finale.

For those yet to embark on this incredible voyage of exploration, survival, and the triumph of human intellect, “Dr. Stone” is available for streaming on Hulu or Crunchyroll, depending on your location.