Will there be a Haikyu!! season 5?


Since its debut in 2014, the captivating anime series “Haikyu!!” has held its audience in thrall. The source of this animated gem is the immensely popular manga of the same title, penned by the talented Haruichi Furudate, which made its debut in 2012.

The narrative centers around Shoyo Hinata, a spirited junior high school student who becomes enamored with volleyball after witnessing the Nationals on television. Despite being vertically challenged in comparison to your typical basketball player, he discovers inspiration in a figure known as “The Little Giant.” His aspirations take a hit when he attempts to launch a volleyball team at his school, only to find himself standing as the sole member.

Determined to overcome this setback, Hinata embarks on a mission to rally his classmates to join him. Through persuasive efforts, he manages to convince some of his friends, and together they enter a tournament, where they swiftly form a rivalry with their inaugural opponents. With newfound determination, Hinata opts to pursue his high school education at Karasuno, coincidentally the same institution that his rival, Tobio Kageyama, selects.


This serendipitous convergence sets the stage for an intense rivalry that drives both players to reach for greatness and bring honor to their respective schools through their exceptional performances. The anticipation for the fifth season of “Haikyu!!” has reached a fever pitch, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this enthralling tale. It’s a must-see for anyone enthralled by the series’ gripping narrative and dynamic characters.


Will Haikyu!! get a season 5?

While an official confirmation for a fifth season of “Haikyu!!” has yet to be released, writers involved in the series have expressed their enthusiasm for continuing the story. They believe there’s a wealth of untold narrative potential and numerous paths for the characters to explore. While this doesn’t constitute a definitive confirmation, it certainly holds promise for fans eagerly anticipating another instalment.

In the hypothetical fifth season, fans have speculated extensively about what might transpire. The prevailing theory is that it would encompass the events of the Nationals, where Hinata and Kageyama, fueled by their shared competitive spirit and a mutual desire to restore their school’s former glory, are poised to make a significant impact.

Another intriguing fan hypothesis revolves around exploring the lives of Hinata and Kageyama after the Nationals. The narrative possibilities are virtually boundless, offering diverse settings and potential directions for their individual journeys. The prospect of these two characters charting distinct courses adds an extra layer of intrigue to the potential new instalment. Additionally, fans are eagerly anticipating the dynamic interactions between Hinata and Kenma, as well as between Daichi and Suga.

For those who may be concerned about the possibility of no fifth season, there’s an alternative to look forward to. Two upcoming theatrical films, heavily drawing from the original manga, are set to adapt a substantial portion of Furudate’s material, encompassing a whopping 112 chapters. This two-part cinematic venture is widely speculated to serve as the concluding arc of the “Haikyu!!” series, with the culmination expected to unfold throughout 2024.

Given this, it’s plausible that a highly anticipated fifth season may not materialize, but fans can still look forward to the cinematic adaptation, providing a satisfying conclusion to the volleyball saga.