Will Frank Reagan retire in Blue Bloods Season 14?


The year 2023 has brought about unexpected changes, with a complete halt in production schedules for various shows and movies. This includes the highly popular series, Blue Bloods, which was renewed for its 14th season on March 29th, 2023. Blue Bloods has been instrumental in CBS earning the distinction of being the most-watched US TV network.

On par with the popularity of franchises like NCIS and FBI, Blue Bloods was created by industry veterans Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green, known for their work on The Sopranos. The cop drama, which premiered in 2010, features the iconic Tom Selleck and centers around the fictional Reagan family, an Irish-American, Catholic family residing in New York.

Due to challenging financial circumstances, the renewal for the 14th season came with a 25% pay reduction. The cast and production team agreed to the pay adjustment, allowing fans another year to potentially bid farewell to the beloved characters.


However, rumours are circulating on the internet that Tom Selleck’s character, Frank Reagan, the head of the Reagan dynasty and the NYC Police Commissioner, may be contemplating leaving the force in season 14. The accuracy of these rumours remains uncertain.

Here’s what we currently know about the situation.


Frank Reagan: Will Tom Selleck’s character retire in Blue Bloods Season 14?

In a discussion with an industry expert, Selleck and the show’s executive producer, Kevin Wade, shared their thoughts on the weight of responsibilities that come with the commissioner role. Selleck explained:

“I didn’t choose this job. He (his character) did it out of a sense of duty because the cops needed a leader they could trust. So we don’t like the job and he’s not really a good boss. He often takes everything out on his staff. They understand, and they love their boss.”

When addressing Reagan’s potential retirement, Wade didn’t entirely dismiss the idea, affirming that it would occur at some point. As quoted by One Chicago Center, Wade disclosed that retirement would eventually come, but thankfully, it won’t be until the show concludes.

He stated:

“I suppose when the show ends, he will step down. There would be no advantage in having Frank run for mayor or retire and move out to Montauk and start fishing.”