Why Whitney Houston’s Brother Believed He Had a Hand in Her Tragic Passing!


Since Whitney Houston’s tragic passing in 2012, there has been a continuous discussion about the factors contributing to her untimely death. Whitney’s older brother, Michael Houston, candidly expressed on Oprah Winfrey’s show in 2013 that he bore a significant weight of responsibility for what transpired.

Throughout their lives, Whitney shared an exceptionally close bond with Michael and their half-brother, Gary Houston. This connection was particularly strong with Michael. They were inseparable as children, and unfortunately, this pattern continued into adulthood, with Whitney following in Michael’s footsteps down a perilous path.

In the years following his sister’s passing, Michael seldom made public statements. However, in the rare instances he did, he revealed the profound grief he felt at losing his sister. Kevin Macdonald, the filmmaker behind the documentary “Whitney,” noted that Michael likened being interviewed for the film to a form of trauma counseling. This was crucial for him as losing Whitney felt like losing an integral part of himself. His anguish was compounded by the belief that he played a role in her descent into drug use, having introduced her to recreational drug use.

Michael took on the weight of Whitney’s drug use, acknowledging that their tight-knit relationship meant that she emulated his behavior. He admitted to influencing her decision to try freebasing and crack cocaine, actions that continued to haunt him despite Whitney’s own assertions of responsibility for her choices.

While Cissy Houston, Michael and Whitney’s mother, appeared emotional as Michael made these admissions on Winfrey’s show, she later conveyed a sense of acceptance on “The View.” She emphasized her love for Michael, Whitney, and Gary, underscoring that she cherished her children, no matter the circumstances.

In his conversation with Oprah, Michael also shed light on the broader context that contributed to the tragic situation. He noted that in the ’80s, when Whitney first encountered crack and freebasing cocaine, there was a lack of awareness about the severe consequences. Additionally, these substances were widely available in the entertainment industry. The pressures of fame further complicated Whitney’s struggles, as she faced immense expectations to appear flawless.

Despite external factors, Michael remained burdened by a profound sense of responsibility. He believed that he would carry this weight with him indefinitely, underscoring the lasting impact of his influence on his sister.