Why We Think Kyle Richards ‘Escaped’ To Mexico


In the ongoing saga of Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky’s separation, a new chapter has unfolded, revealing a struggle to project an image of being unaffected by their relationship status.

Rumors of their separation emerged in July, causing dismay among fans of the reality TV stars. Although initially denying these rumors and asserting their commitment to working through their issues, their subsequent actions have cast doubt on the state of their relationship.

While attempts at reconciliation were suggested in their statement, recent developments have painted a different picture. Richards and country singer Morgan Wade were linked romantically, while Umansky’s closeness with his “Dancing with the Stars” partner, Emma Slater, sparked speculation. Further complicating matters, Umansky was seen in Aspen, Colorado, with social media influencer Alexandria Wolfe, generating more speculation about his romantic life.


In response, Richards embarked on her own getaway, escaping to Punta De Mita, Mexico, and shared on Instagram a photo captioned with a message about needing a break from reality. This move seemed to reflect her desire to distance herself from the media frenzy surrounding their marriage.

Umansky, seemingly unfazed, continued his holiday in Aspen, sharing moments with social media stars like LeLe Pons and Brazilian singer Anitta. He documented their adventures on social media, highlighting their unconventional ski gear and playful activities.

Despite these public appearances and speculations, both Richards and Umansky have maintained a stance of working on their marriage. Umansky acknowledged their struggles in a podcast, emphasizing their pursuit of normalcy amid challenging times. Richards echoed this sentiment during a “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” panel, underscoring their enduring love and commitment to figuring things out while navigating the complexities within their relationship.

Their awkward on-screen interactions in “RHOBH” Season 13 mirrored the underlying tension, with Richards admitting her difficulty in concealing her emotions during those moments.

The evolving narrative of their separation saga continues, with both Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky striving to navigate their relationship challenges while grappling with public scrutiny.