Why was Melissa Barrera fired from ‘Scream 7?’


The entertainment industry is facing significant waves of controversy stemming from social media comments made by several high-profile figures. Melissa Barrera’s dismissal from the upcoming film “Scream VII” by Spyglass Media Group reportedly stemmed from her social media posts, particularly one where she referred to Israel as having “colonized” Palestine.

According to reports, Barrera’s Instagram Stories referenced Palestine’s freedom, alleged media bias, and censorship in presenting the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Some of these posts have been interpreted as perpetuating antisemitic tropes, specifically mentioning Jewish control of the media, which purportedly led to her firing.

Amidst this, Susan Sarandon, an Academy Award-winning actress, faced repercussions as well. She was reportedly dropped by her talent agency, UTA, following her comments made at a pro-Palestinian rally. Sarandon’s statement addressing the fears of being Jewish and comparing them to the experiences of Muslims in the United States reportedly led to her departure from the agency.


Additionally, Hollywood heavyweight Tom Cruise allegedly met with another talent agency, CAA, concerning the firing of his long-time agent, Maha Dakhil. Dakhil was said to have been dismissed from the agency’s internal board due to referring to Israel’s ongoing occupation as a “genocide,” prompting her removal from the agency.

These incidents highlight the impact of social media on public figures and the repercussions that comments about sensitive geopolitical issues can have on their careers within the entertainment industry. The controversies surrounding these statements have led to immediate actions by agencies and production companies, demonstrating the industry’s response to comments deemed contentious or offensive.