Why was Giants QB Tommy DeVito benched against Eagles?


Tommy DeVito’s stint in the limelight abruptly concluded on Monday, in what felt like a blink of a New York minute.

The Giants opted to pull their seasoned starting quarterback after a lackluster first half performance against the Eagles, substituting him with backup Tyrod Taylor. This decision marked the conclusion of a five-game stretch during which DeVito had ascended to the status of a revered figure among fans, amassing an impressive tally of eight touchdowns against just three interceptions while orchestrating three victories for Big Blue.

Now, let’s delve into the reasons behind DeVito’s benching on Christmas Day.


Why was Tommy DeVito replaced?

The Eagles defense made life extremely challenging for Tommy Cutlets in the initial half. Although he didn’t endure significant pressure from the opposing defense, New York struggled to generate momentum under DeVito’s leadership. The Giants’ primary signal-caller managed to complete just 9-of-16 passes for a mere 55 yards on Monday. Overall, the team’s offensive output was sluggish, accumulating only 100 yards in the first half and securing a mere three points against the formidable Philadelphia defense.

This benching followed a trend of offensive struggles with DeVito at the helm, notably in their preceding game, a disheartening 24-6 defeat where DeVito accounted for a mere 177 yards.

Fox’s broadcast attributed the decision to replace DeVito with Taylor as a choice made by the coaching staff. The move seemed to yield immediate dividends, albeit it’s somewhat challenging to solely credit Taylor for the improvement. Nonetheless, with Taylor taking the reins, the Giants finally found the end zone. However, it’s important to consider some mitigating circumstances, particularly the fact that New York was handed a favorable position at Philadelphia’s 14-yard line following an Eagles fumble on the opening kickoff.