Why Vivica A. Fox Stated She’d Never Pursue Romance with Jamie Foxx!


Vivica A. Fox and Jamie Foxx may share similar last names and a history of working together, but that didn’t translate into a romantic connection between the two stars.

Both actors soared to fame in the 1990s, enjoying successful careers in both movies and television. Their initial collaboration was in the 1997 comedy “Booty Call,” where Jamie portrayed one of two friends on a quest for casual dates. Meanwhile, Vivica played the character Lysterine, who required Jamie’s character to put in considerable effort as he attempted, albeit unsuccessfully, to win her affections. Following the completion of the film, Jamie lauded Vivica’s acting abilities in an interview with The Chicago Tribune.

Despite their on-screen characters finding happiness, Jamie didn’t fare as well in Vivica’s assessment years later. In 2018, she candidly shared with Us Weekly that her most memorable on-screen kiss was with Morris Chestnut in “Two Can Play That Game.” She humorously admitted to occasionally forgetting she was acting, necessitating multiple “cut” calls from the crew. Vivica even played a hypothetical game of “date, marry, or ditch” involving Jamie, George Clooney, and Will Smith, and regrettably for Jamie, he was the one she chose to ditch, citing their fraternal bond and their shared history on “Booty Call” as the reason.


However, it’s important to note that lack of romantic interest doesn’t diminish Vivica’s affection for Jamie in her own unique way.

During a segment on “Watch What Happens Live,” Vivica bestowed a special title upon Jamie. When prompted with Jamie’s name, she paused momentarily before proclaiming, “Jamie Foxx. The best party giver!” (via Yahoo!). It’s worth mentioning that Vivica and Jamie even indulged in some revelry during the filming of “Booty Call,” though their relationship was multifaceted. Vivica confessed that Jamie’s constant piano playing grated on her nerves at the time, attributing it to a blend of exhaustion and exasperation. She even questioned the purpose behind it. However, she had to eat her words when Jamie’s music career soared, culminating in an Oscar win and the release of a successful album. Vivica emphasized that she continues to hold deep affection for Jamie and considers him a close friend.

While romance may not be on the horizon for Vivica and Jamie, they’re more than content to collaborate professionally. The pair is set to star in a new religious comedy titled “Not A Church Movie.” Given Jamie’s role as God in the film, any romantic scenes between them are highly improbable. Producer Valerie McCaffrey praised the dynamic on set, highlighting the infectious energy Jamie brought to his role. Vivica also commended Jamie and their co-star Tommy Davidson from “Booty Call” for their playful nature, recalling the abundance of laughter on set. Their experiences on “In Living Color” undoubtedly contributed to the camaraderie, making for a light-hearted and enjoyable working environment.