Why Terri Irwin’s Children Are Allegedly Encouraging Her to Begin Dating Again!


Terri Irwin’s life story is deeply intertwined with that of her late husband, Steve Irwin. Their love story began with a chance encounter at The Australia Zoo, where Terri was captivated by Steve’s dynamic crocodile demonstration. Both felt an instant connection, with Steve describing it as “love at first sight.”

Following Steve’s tragic passing in 2006, Terri declared that he was her one true love, and she had no interest in pursuing romantic relationships with anyone else. She firmly believed that her love for Steve was powerful enough to last a lifetime. Despite rumors linking her to celebrities like John Travolta, Terri remained steadfast in her commitment to preserving Steve’s memory.

However, Terri’s children, Bindi and Robert, had different hopes for their mother’s future. In March 2023, it was reported that they encouraged Terri to update her appearance, believing that she deserved to showcase her beauty beyond her iconic khaki attire. They even had a small ulterior motive in mind: to help Terri join dating apps by taking new photos of her.


Bindi and Robert’s desire to see their mother happy and potentially find love again demonstrates their deep love and concern for her well-being. They understand that no one could ever replace their father, Steve Irwin, but they want to ensure that Terri is content and fulfilled.

Both Bindi and Robert have found love in their own lives. Bindi, now a wife and mother, expressed a desire to renew her vows with her husband, Chandler Powell, when their daughter Grace is older. Meanwhile, Robert is in a relationship with Rorie Buckey, the niece of the late Heath Ledger. They made their public debut at the premiere of “Mission Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One” in July 2023, and Robert has shared glimpses of their relationship on social media.

The Irwin family’s journey through grief, love, and growth continues to inspire many, and their unwavering support for one another is a testament to the enduring strength of their bond.