Why Suzanne Somers Passed on Joining the Original Cast of The View!


Suzanne Somers, a multi-talented individual known for her acting, entrepreneurial ventures, and authorship, was undeniably gifted with the ability to communicate effectively. Over the course of her extensive and distinguished career, Somers penned a total of 17 books, an impressive 14 of which achieved the coveted status of New York Times Best Sellers. Not content with just literary accomplishments, she also ventured into the realm of talk shows, introducing not one, but two of her own: “The Suzanne Somers Show” in 1994 and “The Suzanne Show” in 2012. Regarding the latter, Somers described it as “me, unplugged,” emphasizing her interests, passions, candid conversations on topics ranging from innovative health practices to culinary delights, and the probing of important questions often overlooked by others. This unique blend of glamour and cutting-edge science was a fresh concept for American audiences.

Interestingly, Somers was presented with the opportunity to be one of the inaugural co-hosts on Barbara Walters’ groundbreaking creation, “The View.” However, she ultimately declined the offer, citing specific reasons for her decision.

One primary factor influencing Somers’ choice was her preference for a different living environment. She expressed her reluctance to relocate to New York, explaining, “First of all, I have to live in New York. I don’t really wanna live in New York. I like the weather down here, and I like the vibe down here.” At that point, Somers had firmly established her residence in the sunny and balmy climate of Palm Springs, California, where she and her husband, Alan Hamel, owned a sprawling estate encompassing 65 acres of land, purchased for $420,000 in 1977. Somers cherished the experience of savoring freshly picked produce from her own garden, underscoring her attachment to the climate and lifestyle she had cultivated in Palm Springs.


In addition to her aversion to New York’s weather, Somers candidly acknowledged that the dynamic of “The View” didn’t align with her natural disposition. She confessed that she wasn’t inclined towards competing for airtime or engaging in the sort of assertive interjections often characteristic of the show. Her inclination towards a more measured and respectful approach to conversation made her apprehensive about the potential clashes that can arise in the dynamic of talk shows like “The View.”

While “The View” has become known for its at times contentious exchanges and publicized conflicts among co-hosts, Suzanne Somers, true to her nature, recognized that the environment might not have suited her well. Her refusal to conform to a vanilla persona underscores her authenticity and individuality.