Why Lakers have instituted changes in their starting lineup?


The Los Angeles Lakers have made notable adjustments to their starting lineup during the 2023 NBA season, introducing significant changes in response to a recent four-game losing streak. This shift has resulted in a distinctively larger starting unit and demonstrated promising signs during a commendable nine-point victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder, potentially suggesting a lasting alteration.

The revised starting lineup for the Lakers, showcased ahead of their clash with the Thunder, notably featured:

– LeBron James
– Cam Reddish
– Taurean Prince
– Jarred Vanderbilt
– Anthony Davis


Taurean Prince, listed at 6 feet 6 inches, stands as the shortest player in this revamped unit, boasting an average height of 6 feet 7.8 inches. Notably, the relocation of D’Angelo Russell to the bench establishes a clearer playmaking hierarchy, with LeBron James taking on primary point guard responsibilities.

The impact of these changes was evident not only in the team’s victory but also in their style of play against the Thunder.

Key highlights and implications of the Lakers’ lineup alterations:


1. LeBron James’ Return to Point Guard: Throughout his illustrious NBA career spanning 21 seasons, LeBron James has consistently demonstrated elite court vision and a pass-first approach. Having previously operated as a point forward, James, with his towering 6-foot-9 frame, seamlessly transitioned into a full-time point guard role during the 2019-20 season, where he led the league in assists, guiding the Lakers to a championship.

Against the Thunder, James delivered a stellar performance in his renewed point guard capacity, notching a season-high 40 points, showcasing versatility across the stat sheet.

2. Impact of D’Angelo Russell in the Second Unit: Despite being moved to the bench, D’Angelo Russell showcased remarkable effectiveness, contributing significantly to the Lakers’ reserves. In limited playing time against the Thunder, Russell provided 15 points and three assists, highlighting his adaptability and impact off the bench.

Furthermore, other key bench players like Rui Hachimura and Austin Reaves stepped up, contributing notably to the Lakers’ second unit’s impressive performance, outscoring the Thunder’s bench by a significant margin.

3. Defensive Emphasis in Lineup Change: Head Coach Darvin Ham emphasized a commitment to defensive impact as a primary reason behind the lineup alterations. The strategic shift aims to solidify the team’s defensive capabilities and potentially establish a clear identity centered on defensive strength.

The initial results of this revamped lineup have shown positive signs in a small sample size, reflecting a promising offensive rating of 109.1 and a sturdy defensive rating of 100.0, as per NBA.com Stats.

As the Lakers aspire to remain competitive, building upon their prior Western Conference Finals appearance in 2023, this renewed focus on defense could be pivotal in shaping the team’s trajectory and establishing a definitive identity moving forward.