Why Jonathan Owens wears No. 34 for the Packers


Women associated with NFL players have been prominently featured this season, and among them is Simone Biles, the most decorated gymnast of all time. Despite her iconic career in gymnastics, she has also made headlines for her husband Jonathan Owens, who had an impressive NFL season.

Jonathan Owens, a safety, started his career as an unsigned free agent and had a short stint with the Cardinals before spending four seasons with the Texans. His most productive year came in 2022, after which he signed with the Packers in 2023. Owens played a key role in the Packers’ upset victory over the Cowboys on wild-card weekend, propelling them to the divisional round.

For fans looking to spot Owens on the field, he wears jersey No. 34. The choice of this number was not driven by any specific reason; rather, jerseys were rearranged among safeties when Owens joined the Packers in May. James Wiggins had previously worn No. 34, but Owens took over the number after Wiggins acquired No. 31, the previous number of Adrian Amos.


Throughout Owens’s career, his jersey numbers have fallen within a small range. In his time with the Texans, he wore No. 36, and during his stint with the Cardinals, he donned No. 42. However, during his college years at Missouri Western State, he wore No. 3.

Simone Biles, known for her incredible achievements in gymnastics, returned to competition in 2023 and concluded the year as the world champion. Her marriage to Jonathan Owens in April seems to have brought success to both. Biles, who does not have a number as a gymnast, attended nearly every Packers game, showing support for Owens by wearing custom sweatshirts or jackets, often crafted by designers like Kristin Juszczyk.

Despite Biles’s widespread fame, the couple has experienced success in their respective fields since their marriage. Biles added to her legacy with her 37th medal at the world championships in October, while Owens contributed to the Packers’ playoff journey.