Why is Sam locked up in The Woods in Gen V?


Sam is confined to The Woods due to the extraordinary powers bestowed upon him by Compound V, a substance known for granting superhuman abilities. Unfortunately, along with these powers came a form of schizophrenia that renders him unpredictable and prone to violence. Unlike his peer, Luke, who excelled as a varsity sensation, Sam’s journey took a more challenging turn.

Within the confines of Godolkin University, Sam is viewed as a volatile and perilous individual, which serves as a pretext for subjecting him to continuous scrutiny and experimentation. In this complex, several other superhumans exhibit their own peculiar abilities.

Emma becomes the first person to establish contact with Sam, a feat accomplished through a clandestine infiltration. Their interaction reveals that Sam possesses a semblance of normalcy when not ensnared in a confrontational atmosphere. While the outcome remains uncertain, it is crucial to recognize that conditions like Sam’s necessitate compassionate treatment and support, rather than hostility and confinement.


The initial trio of episodes in Gen V is currently available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video. This spin-off from The Boys delves into a dark and progressively bleaker narrative, positioning itself as an exceptional TV series for those seeking mature and intricate superhero storytelling. The review of Gen V underscores the noteworthy contributions of new characters to the broader The Boys ensemble, emphasizing the centrality of Sam’s enigmatic predicament.