Why is Prince Harry being ‘triggered’ by the Duke of Westminster’s upcoming wedding?


Don’t expect the feud between Princes Harry and William to simmer down anytime soon, especially with new developments reigniting old tensions within the Royal Family.

2024 has been a challenging year for the royals, with both King Charles and Kate Middleton facing battles with cancer. While one might hope such trying circumstances would bring the family closer together, the rift between the brothers shows no signs of healing. Harry’s recent decision to skip an upcoming high-society wedding only adds fuel to the fire.

The much-anticipated wedding of Hugh Grosvenor, the Duke of Westminster, to Olive Henson at Chester Cathedral on June 7 promises to be a lavish affair. However, notable absences will include Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and the reason behind Harry’s absence adds another layer to the ongoing drama.


Grosvenor, a close friend of both Prince Charles and Prince Harry, is King Charles’ godson and holds significant wealth and lineage. Despite this bond, Harry reportedly felt snubbed when William was asked to be an usher at the wedding, possibly even in contention for the best man role. While it may have been customary for Grosvenor to reciprocate William’s gesture of making him godfather to Prince George, the perceived snub led Harry to decline the invitation altogether.

Reports suggest that the strained relationship between the brothers played a role in Harry’s decision. According to sources cited by Daily Mail, William’s prominent role in the wedding triggered Harry’s refusal to attend. The source claimed that Harry felt overlooked, believing that he should have been given the same honor as his brother.

While William will be present at the wedding, notable absences will include Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and the King himself, as both undergo cancer treatments. Harry’s decision to skip the event follows his recent visit to the UK, during which attempts at reconciliation with his father, King Charles, proved unsuccessful.