Why is Mark Cuban leaving ‘Shark Tank’ after season 16?


The landscape of Shark Tank, that emblematic reality TV series serving as a launchpad for aspiring entrepreneurs, is set to undergo a significant change by 2025. News has surfaced that Mark Cuban, the billionaire entrepreneur and one of the show’s prominent “sharks” for nearly 15 years, will be departing from the series.

When the business reality show debuted on ABC in 2009, Cuban initially appeared as a guest investor in season 2. His influential presence grew, eventually making him the main and wealthiest “shark” by the time season 3 rolled around. Over the past 13 seasons (currently airing its 15th), Cuban has invested in approximately 85 companies, with a substantial sum reaching a reported $29 million, as per his discussions with Forbes. Notable investments include the entertainment firm Ten Thirty One Productions and Rugged Maniac Obstacle Race in season 5, and BeatBox Beverages in season 6, which remains one of his most significant ventures, now valued at over $200 million.

The decision to step away from Shark Tank isn’t fueled by controversy or concerning circumstances. Cuban articulated his intentions during an appearance on the All the Smoke podcast, revealing that despite his affection for the show and its embodiment of the “American dream,” he plans to depart after season 16. His reasoning is grounded in a desire to spend quality time with his three teenage children—Alexis, Alyssa, and Jake—alongside his wife Tiffany Stewart before they step into the complexities of adulthood.


Expressing his love for the show and its impact on global entrepreneurship, Cuban clarified to The Hollywood Reporter that his decision isn’t a reflection of any issues with Shark Tank itself. Instead, it’s a personal choice aimed at cherishing moments with his family.

Regarding his future successor on the show, Cuban offered insights on what makes a successful pitch, emphasizing the importance of genuine passion and avoiding lengthy personal backstories. He emphasized the significance of a clear and compelling business proposition, stating his preference for ideas that make him think, “Why didn’t I come up with that?”

As of now, Cuban is the sole individual who has confirmed his departure from Shark Tank, with no official comments from ABC or the other “sharks” regarding his decision.