Why is LinkedIn trying to be more like Tiktok?


LinkedIn is venturing into the realm of short-form video content, drawing inspiration from the success of platforms like TikTok. This strategic move aligns LinkedIn with the trend observed across other major social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube, which have all embraced short-form videos to captivate their audiences, particularly in the wake of TikTok’s meteoric rise during the pandemic.

The implementation of a new short-form video feed on LinkedIn has been confirmed by the platform and has already been observed in the wild. Users have noticed a new Video tab positioned between the Home and My Network sections in the bottom navigation bar of the LinkedIn app. Additionally, the Post button has been relocated to the top of the interface, adjacent to the Messages button.

The new Video tab is expected to offer a vertical scroll of short-form videos, enabling users to engage with content through actions such as liking, commenting, and sharing. While the format resembles that of other platforms, LinkedIn’s focus on professional content sets it apart. Creators on LinkedIn’s video feed are likely to encounter algorithms similar to those on other platforms, underscoring the importance of strategic content creation for success.


Microsoft, LinkedIn’s parent company, emphasizes the increasing popularity of video content among users seeking insights from professionals and experts, thus driving the decision to introduce this update to LinkedIn. Despite being somewhat unconventional for LinkedIn, the platform has been undergoing significant changes in recent months, including the addition of gaming experiences. As creators have found success sharing professional advice on platforms like TikTok, it is logical for similar content to find a home on LinkedIn, given its professional-oriented audience.