Why is Kevin Costner leaving Yellowstone?


It’s now official that the popular Paramount Plus series Yellowstone is making its way out of town and into the annals of history after five seasons. What makes it lose its biggest star, though?

Yellowstone centres on the traditional Dutton family, a group of cattle ranchers that reside and work at the Dutton family ranch. Costner portrays the irascible patriarch John Dutton, who has seen his family through thick and thin. It’s regarded as one of the finest TV shows of the decade if not all time.

However, it appears like Costner will put John’s cowboy hat away when Yellowstone season 5 concludes. What makes Kevin Costner leave Yellowstone, then?


No official explanation for Kevin Costner quitting Yellowstone was provided when the news first surfaced on Friday, May 5. However, there are rumours that he wants to focus on other projects like his next Western movie Horizon and reduce his workload.