Why is ‘Hunter x Hunter’ always on hiatus? Yoshihiro Togashi’s health problems explained


Long-term enthusiasts of manga understand the immense challenges that come with creating these intricate and captivating stories. Yoshihiro Togashi, renowned as the creative genius behind Hunter x Hunter, has a deep understanding of this reality. His name is not just associated with the brilliance of one of the most revered Shonen series, but also with the infamous moniker ‘Hiatus x Hiatus.’ This seemingly humorous title, however, has become a source of frustration for fans eagerly awaiting updates on the adventures of Gon, Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio.

Yet, amidst the collective disappointment, it’s crucial to comprehend that Togashi’s frequent breaks aren’t a result of a lack of creative ideas but rather stem from his ongoing health battles. The question of his well-being often arises, prompting concerns among followers. No, Togashi is alive and well, thankfully. However, many may not realize that the irregular updates for Hunter x Hunter are primarily due to Togashi’s health struggles.

The author has been candid about his chronic back and hip pain, attributing it to detrimental habits and sharing openly about the challenges he faces while creating manga. He admitted that his preferred method of working involves lying down due to the discomfort caused by prolonged sitting or standing. In a revealing tweet, he confessed to the constant movement he experiences while coloring manga pages due to his chronic pain, expressing the necessity of standing up frequently during the creative process.


Although Togashi briefly returned to work on Hunter x Hunter in 2022, he once again went on hiatus due to his persistent health issues. Despite this setback, recent activity on his social media hints at a potential comeback for the manga series. Encouragingly, Togashi has confirmed the completion of chapter 401, sparking hope for fans longing to reunite with the Phantom Troupe and delve back into the story.

The uncertain timeline for this return notwithstanding, Togashi’s assurance about the finished chapter serves as a beacon of anticipation. If you’re not up-to-date with the storyline, it’s highly recommended to catch up via Shõnen Jump magazine. As Togashi’s presence on social media suggests, the much-awaited return of Hunter x Hunter seems imminent, offering a glimmer of hope for avid fans eagerly awaiting the continuation of this beloved series.