Why is Fitness Guru Shaun T a subject of controversy?


For nearly two decades, Shaun T, a prominent figure in the fitness industry, has been making significant strides in the health and lifestyle arena. His journey began with the introduction of his fitness program, “Hip Hop Abs,” which he landed after a Beachbody representative observed one of his workout classes. Reflecting on this pivotal moment, he shared on his website, “One day, someone who worked at Beachbody witnessed the Saturday WeHo fitness mayhem and asked me to audition… Later, they offered me my own infomercial! I was 25.” Since that transformative day, Shaun has successfully introduced several other programs, including “Rockin’ Body” and the acclaimed “Insanity” series. He has also secured lucrative brand deals and ventured into the world of podcasting.

In a candid Q&A session with BODi, the beloved fitness expert attributes his success to his honesty and transparency. He expresses, “I think being transparent is the best, then people can decide if you are their cup of tea or not. I am completely fine not being someone’s cup of tea.” Shaun believes this approach forms a mutual understanding, as his openness allows him to learn more about others as well. While Shaun’s fitness empire continues to thrive, he recently extended his influential reach to OnlyFans, a platform known for its adult content. While this move might surprise some long-time fans, it’s important to note that Shaun’s profile on OnlyFans encompasses more than explicit content.


Shaun T is now on OnlyFans


In recent years, OnlyFans has become a favoured platform for influencers and celebrities to connect intimately with their fan base. From Bella Thorne and Tyga to Denise Richards and Tyler Posey, a growing list of high-profile figures have joined since the platform’s inception in 2016. In October 2022, Shaun T and his husband, Scott Blokker, became the latest celebrities to venture into the world of OnlyFans. Shaun explained his decision in his profile bio, stating, “I was sick of getting judged by the haters on Instagram and wanted to find a fun place for Scott and I to build our Wine Night After Dark community.” He emphasized that the page is dedicated to those who seek self-expression and motivation.

Although Shaun’s OnlyFans presence marks a departure from his earlier PG-rated infomercial days, it aligns with his commitment to maintaining an open and honest social media presence. In a statement on X (formerly known as Twitter), the “Hip Hop Abs” figure declared, “What a lot of you don’t know is that I also use social media as my personal diary, which is one of the many reasons why I make sure I am 100% authentic in my feelings and my expression every single time I post, even when I know I’ll get backlash from others.”

While Shaun T has ventured into the world of OnlyFans, he remains dedicated to transforming lives through his fitness programs. He recently announced his new program “Dig Deeper,” featuring his personal trainer, Kristen Bennett. Shaun explained that in “Dig Deeper,” he has drawn from his bodybuilding journey to create workouts following a 12-week body recomposition calendar. This strength-training-focused program is set to premiere on Beachbody on Demand in December 2023. Additionally, Shaun celebrated the 10th anniversary of his popular workout, Focus T25, by introducing an updated set of exercises. Reflecting on its success, he noted, “It was this fun, youthful way of leading people through fitness. It was incredible. I’ve always felt like if you just move your body, you will mentally feel better.” With his influential fitness empire and widespread social media presence, it’s evident that Shaun T is thriving both personally and professionally.