Why is Dwayne Johnson not endorsing Joe Biden in the 2024 election?


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s recent comments about the 2024 presidential election have sparked debate and speculation about his political stance. While Johnson previously endorsed Joe Biden in the 2020 election, he has now announced that he will not be endorsing any candidate this time around.

In a conversation with Fox News’ Will Cain, Johnson expressed dissatisfaction with the current state of America but clarified that he would not publicly endorse any candidate in the upcoming election. He admitted that endorsing Biden in 2020 was a decision he made at the time but now regrets the division it caused in the country. Johnson emphasized his desire to bring people together and stated his intention to keep his political views private.


Despite Johnson’s clear statement of non-endorsement, some have interpreted his refusal to endorse Biden again as implicit support for former President Donald Trump. However, others have pointed out that Johnson’s decision not to endorse any candidate should not be misconstrued as support for Trump or any other politician.

Nevertheless, there are concerns that Trump supporters may attempt to manipulate Johnson’s comments to fit their narrative. Some speculate that Trump could publicly accept what they perceive as Johnson’s “endorsement” in the future, regardless of Johnson’s actual intentions.


Ultimately, Johnson’s decision to refrain from endorsing a candidate reflects his desire to avoid further polarization and division in the country. While his comments may draw attention and speculation, it is important to interpret them accurately and respect his right to keep his political views private.